CardBro - Awesome collection of ready-picked greeting cards

wtf are you doing?

Skip the trip to the store.

  • No more standing on line with all the other last minute losers
  • No last minute sifting through the remaining sh*tty cards.
  • No more cards that are too mushy, too long, too corny, or too wrinkled
  • No more missing envelopes
  • No more running late
  • No more forgetting
  • No more $8-12 bucks a card

CardBro™ has you covered for less than $2 a card.

stop wasting time, bro.

your card game

Every. Major. Holiday.

We’ve got you covered for every major holiday,
and the in-between ones, too.

Showing up with a card for Thanksgiving?!

Trust us, she’ll thank you later.

everybody wins.

don’t be a
thoughtless 🍆

Yeah, you’re busy.

And busy makes you forget.

With CardBro™ you’re never unprepared, late for that special event, empty handed, or called a series of four-letter words that she would never say in front of her grandmother.

help us help you.

because reasons

Not just the holidays!

Feeling sorry? Sympathetic? Overjoyed?

Or did you just f*ck up?

Our bonus “Just Because” cards are the perfect thing for those life moments that just pop up.

break out the pen, shakespeare.

not just for bros!

Give him the tools to become more thoughtful.

Ladies, he’ll never show up empty handed again.

Moms & Dads, no more lame excuses on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays.

CardBro™ makes the perfect gift.

way better than socks.

What are you waiting for? Make it happen.